SURGE                                                Professional Services - Group

SURGE Professional Services-Group, (SPS-G) was founded May 15, 1988 by Zachery  Mitcham in Colorado Springs, Colorado, before moving to Wilmington, NC.   We offer a variety of business/personal goods and services ranging from Internet Presence, to the following, all at very competitive prices:

            Office Furniture

            Office Supplies

            Office Equipment

            Name Brand Computers


            Fax Machines

            Commercial Janitorial Supplies 

 We currently hold the following certifications: HUB Zone Certified, M/WBE  / DBE, City of Asheville, NC Bus. ID 00360;  M/WBE  / DBE, City of Charlotte, NC Cert. W-76662 and M/WBE  / DBE , New Hanover County and City of Wilmington, NC.    We are listed in the SBA Pro-Net Database, the Central Contract Registry, the North Carolina Vendor Epylon E procurement system and the Dun and Bradstreet registry (783120629).  We eagerly look forward in assisting you meet your goals.


This is What We Do

  • Information Security Assessments

  • Network Penetration testing and analysis

  • Network Scanning

  • Web Application Scanning

  • Information Security Vulnerability analysis

  • Information Security Awareness Training

  • E Discovery Consultation

  • Long Haul Transportation and Trucking

  • Janitorial Supplies and Services


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